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$trategies for $elling $uccess 

1. Get Maximum Exposure

We've invested in the technology to feature your property in every possible real estate search engine on the web, including Zillow, Trulia, as well as every franchise and non franchised agency web site known to woman (and man). We also produce and deliver "Just Listed" post cards promoting your property to neighbors who may have friends or relatives that could buy your house.

Maximum exposure = short marketing time and the best possible price.

2. Use Urgency

In our instant gratification world buyers want immediate responses to inquires.  Each associate is equipped to know about inquiries instantly and respond immediately. Your calls and emails are handled with the same level of urgency. 

We use urgency to minimize contract "contingencies" and eliminate them quickly.   

3. Build Anticipation

There are "motivated" buyers waiting for your property to come on the market. Savvy buyers are plugged in to the latest technology that lets them know that your property hit the market. Our exclusive showing and scheduling strategies capitalize on this technology, build on anticipation and heighten the sense of urgency, often resulting in multiple offers on your property.  

Your Highest Price, a Fast Sale, with the Least Inconvenience are our priorities.

4. Know the Players

Most agents subcontract their showing scheduling activities.  Do you want to hear from your representive or from the MA Pass call center in Worcester, Massachusetts?  The people at the call center know your address, lock box codes and when you are home and not, even if you;re away on vacation.  As our client, you will hear from your agent, our administative assistant or an associate of First NH Real Estate and unless otherwise authorized, we make ourselves available to attend co-broke showings. This is something that's is hardly done anymore!

The level of service you deserve is only available at First NH Real Estate.

5. Attract Multiple Offers  

Our strategies maximize the potential for multiple offer situations when buyers actually bid against one another for your property. We'll show you how we make this happen when we meet to review the Comparable Market Anaylsis we prepare for your home.

This can and does happen on purpose for your benefit. Let us show you how!

6.  Write a Solid Contract 

Since September 11, 2001, the market is more volatile than at any time in history.  Energy prices spike, wars break out or escalate, world economic markets teeter on the edge of disaster, well meaning friends and relatives become real estate experts and work hard at bursting the bubble of newbe buyers and then there's the home inspection.  At First NH Real Estate, we negotiate your sales contract with all of these factors in mind and we take every possible precaution to minimize their impact on your peace of mind.  

Our negotiating expertise will protect your interests and preserve your bottom line.

7. Accurately Position Your Property 

We begin by collecting as much information as we possibly can about your property.  Our market analysis will show you exactly how much you should ask, how much you can expect your property to sell for and how long it should take to sell.  The pricing decision is yours. The responsibility to help you make an informed decision is ours.

Informed sellers make the better decisions.

8. Communication is Key 

Real estate transactions can be stressful.  Having a knowledgeabe representative who always responds promptly, communicates with you regularly and keeps you informed can help minimize your stress.  It is your right and our pleasure to communicate with you on a regular basis, keep you informed and to always return calls and respond to e-mails promptly.  

At First NH Real Estate, your "Bottom Line and Peace of Mind are our Top Priorities". 

Those are the strategies for selling success!